I’m TERRIBLY behaved.

I’m HIGHLY undisciplined.

I’m lazy and a YUUUGE procrastinator.

I’m also really sorry. Like REALLY sorry. To all the folks who reached out to me about #30DaysOfThanks, I want you to know I appreciate you and I will finish it before the year runs out. I give you my word.

Now that that’s out of the way. I’m actually writing this to kick start my blogging mojo. Since the last time I was here I’ve been back on Twitter, and y’all know what that means. I initially planned on putting something up last Wednesday morning, after the results of the US 2016 elections were announced. I ended up tweeting my thoughts via two threads so of course that didn’t happen. But then yesterday, while having dinner with a new friend, we had a LONG conversation about a lot of things, one of which was blogging, and that inspired me to get off my ass again.

One intriguing thing (of the many intriguing things) she said was “Your blog is SO personal. Like I thought my blog was personal, but yours? Nah.” And even though that’s a fact I’m very aware of, it was funny to hear someone else talk about it like that. But talking about why that was the case got me thinking about why putting up new posts is sometimes a struggle. When I started this blog it was mostly so it could be an outlet for me to express myself and my thoughts in as “unhindered” and “raw” a manner as possible. Hence the name of the blog. I find that this seemingly inconsequential fact is something I need to constantly remind myself about if I’m to take this blog seriously. To be fair, I did improve slightly this year. I went from ALWAYS typing posts on MS Word first, proofreading them thoroughly before copy-pasting them on here and then formatting. But with most of the posts I put up this year, I’ve pretty much just opened a “New Post” tab and started typing on a blank page. Seeing that I put up over 10 posts this year, I guess that kinda helped.

Bottom line is, and I realize I’ve said this before multiple times, I just need to be comfortable with posting something that’s not “perfect” so long as I do what I set out to do with this blog; share my musings. Of course this doesn’t mean I’m going to put up stuff with glaring grammatical errors and typos, I’m still going to hella proofread and edit as much as I feel is necessary.

Anyways, thanks for reading and for staying subscribed and bearing with my lackadaisical self. Y’all rock!!!


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