I know what I’m supposed to write about tonight, but I’m too tired and in the wrong frame of mind to do so. I realize dedication and discipline demand that I still  write something regardless of my mood, so I’ll be taking a short break from the “Things That Bring Me Joy” sub-series, and will post the finale for that when I’m in a mental space to do it proper justice.

Earlier today, my (director and) volleyball team captain and I took most of the members of our team to a free playground in Chinatown to help pass on the fruits of our weekend camp with maestro Pat Powers. M and I spent all of our lunch break and an extra two hours on the court walking the team through drills and playing against each other in preparation for the game we have tomorrow night (which I will miss). While my soreness slightly constrained the things I could do, it didn’t stop me from being able to explain the concepts well enough for the team members I was working with to run the drills

As it so happens, whenever I’m giving the privilege to pass on information to other people, it struck me that my passion for teaching really is a gift. As a child I would never have believed if anybody had told me that I would love teaching. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed absorbing information and showing it off. But never would I have thought that I would get to the point were I was humble enough to understand that any opportunity where people wanted me to share my skills, knowledge or insight with them is a privilege.

From September last year until I left Ann Arbor in May, thanks to head instructor and dope ass boss lady of Ann Arbor Dance Revolution, Laura Geldys, I was able to do two things I love; teach and dance (the originally intended topic of today’s post). It was always such a huge blessing and mood lifter to have people come and meet me after class to say stuff like “I totally loved your class. Thank you so much.” It certainly always humbled me to know that despite my own weaknesses as a dancer, I could still help people improve their dancing and want to come back for more. Definitely won’t forget the reception I got after I taught my last class.

Ultimately, looking back at my adult life, I am extremely grateful for all the years and opportunities I had to be a teacher. To help people learn; to help steer them down a path they wanted (or sometimes didn’t want, but needed) to go; to counsel; to build; to nurture. I realize that it is a huge honor to be a teacher, and it isn’t one I take lightly.

So today, I am thankful for the ability and opportunity to teach.

Featured Image Source: http://study.truechina.org/