*Coughs incessantly*

Man, 6 months worth of dust is no joke. A LOT has happened in the period I’ve been away from this place. I actually wrestled with whether I should close this blog or not. But seeing as this is up, guess we all know how that discussion ended. For all of you who didn’t delete your subscription, you’re the real heroes. THANK YOU!!!!!

Anyways, right now, it’s 6 hours till my birthday arrives (being the last to enter your birthday because of #TimeZoneWoes is so not cool). And not just any birthday, it’s the Big 3-0!!! So, after debating about what I wanted to do to make this birthday special, I decided, “Hey, why not dust up the blog and write?” And then another idea hit me. “Instead of just a ‘normal’ birthday post, why don’t you push yourself and do a blog challenge?” And so, that birthed this “series”. (I dare you to count how many times I typed the word “birth” in this paragraph)

Over the next 30 days (by God’s grace), each day I will write about one thing I am thankful for over the time I have spent living on this earth. I am actually excited to begin this project, mostly because it’ll help me spread the self-reflection that’s expected on a milestone birthday over the entire month. It is my hope that you can share this journey with me.

So, here’s to the #30DaysOfThanks

Featured Image Source: ramshackleglam.com