First off, I’d like to thank everybody who took their time to read through even one of the letters in the Letters To My Father series. I feel proud that I actually, for the first time on this blog, started AND finished a series. *Sniffs and wipes a lone tear* Really though, I do hope at least one of you was blessed by it.

Now, I have a couple daily devotionals that I try (and most times fail) to read on a daily basis using the Youversion Bible app. The Face to Faith plan (by a pastor whose name I can’t remember or seem to find) is one that I’ve had moments where I’ve asked myself why I continue with it. Mostly because there are times the way he’s said stuff has rubbed me off wrongly. Maybe it’s my flesh or pride or the sin in me that’s offended, anyway, I’ve stuck with finishing the year long plan.

There have been times though, when I have been blown away and humbled greatly by the content of the reading. Today is one of those times. Particularly because for the past few days Fatherhood has been one of the central themes here on my blog. So anyways, I felt I should put up the reading in hopes that it’ll bless someone just as it’s blessed me.


Do you have special names for the people who are close to you? Or do you have special names of respect for certain people?

Names were really important to Jewish culture in biblical times, and one name stood high
above every other name—the name of God.

Like, let’s say you wanted a copy of the Bible. In those days it wasn’t like you had a nice
bookshop that you could go into and buy a Bible. They were very, very precious and very, very rare. But if you wanted one for your family, you would come before the scribe and ask for a copy. You know what they’d say to you? “Fine. That would be great. Come back in three months so we have time to handwrite a copy for you.”

And check this out, as they’re copying down the scriptures, every time they came to the name of God, not only would they not utter that name, they would never write that name ei- ther. In fact, every time they would come to the name of God, they would change their clothes, take a ritual bath of cleansing, put on new clothes, pick up a new quill, and still after all that they would not write the name of God.

Now go back to our verses today (Matthew 6:9) and see what name Jesus told us to use when we talk to God—our Father.

That’s a big contrast there, isn’t it? This is like no other prayer anyone had ever prayed. It sounded almost blasphemous at the time Jesus spoke these words because Jesus is taking this name that they weren’t allowed to say, of this God whom they weren’t allowed to approach, and now He’s giving us permission to approach and call upon this God by a name that is jam packed with relationship and intimacy—Father, Daddy, Papa.
Can you see what Jesus is doing? He’s drawing them in close. He’s saying, “I want you to see yourself as a part of this family. I want you to know that you bear the family name. You bear the crest. This is who you are.

Listen, as we go to speak to God in prayer, let’s remember the relationship we are invited to. God shows up to you right now and simply says this: Take my name. Let me be your dad. Join my family. Partake in this relationship.

How will you respond to this invitation?

Well, thanks for your reading and see you later.