Originally written December 10, 2013

Hello Daddy.

I should be writing an essay that’s due later today, but I had to take the time out now to write this particular letter to you. Just a few days ago, when Gbenga told me a few details that I wasn’t privy to before you passed I was VERY upset. I’m really happy I didn’t write the letter I wanted to write that day. Tonight though after hearing what the autopsy had to say, and Gbenga’s explanations to me, tonight is A LOT different. For the first time since that dreadful Sunday, I can think about your passing and smile. I’m proud of you Daddy.

I apologize for what I said about it being ironic that it was a health related illness that took you away. I was talking from a position of ignorance. Something you taught me to never do. Once again Daddy, I am proud of you. Proud of the fight you gave this illness for the past 16 years. Proud of the lives you were able to touch within that period. Proud of all you were able to accomplish as a person within those years. I grew from the child I was then to the man I am now within those years. I wouldn’t be a shadow of who I am today but for the tutelage and guidance you gave me in those years.

I’m happy Daddy. Not happy because you’re gone from me physically, but happy because now I am indeed sure that you left because it was time for you to go. I miss you, we all do, but I am confident in Christ that provided I live according to His precepts and follow Him with all my heart, I will see you again in eternity.

I am also happy that you at least got to see me go to the US like you wanted. Things haven’t been easy here. Right now there’s a huge mountain that threatens to crush me. But my hope is in God. I believe that like you taught me, telling my problems to line up and dealing with them in the order of pressing nature and trusting in God to help me, I will get through this. I will make you as proud of me, as I am of you. God bless you Daddy. That may be redundant at this time, but it is what all of my soul is saying right now.

Thank you for being my father, thank you for being my teacher, thank you for being my mentor, thank you for loving me. This isn’t my tribute to you. God will sort out all that needs to be sorted out, and I will make your funeral, by His grace. Then I will give you my final tribute.

I do not mourn you Daddy, I love you and I celebrate. Take care.

Bye bye Daddy.

Your son,

Mallam Oluwafemi Sawyerr.