Just because I think it’s bad manners to not give a proper salutation, and also becauseI really don’t care whether it’s cliche or not…

Hey y’all.

Lol. That felt good, if I do say so myself. Last time I was here, even though I was at peace there was a lot on more heart. There still kinda is, but I’m living everyday as it comes; one day at a time.

As usual, a lot’s happened in my life since the last time I wrote here. I guess in the course of my subsequent posts, I will talk about some of it; time will tell. I’m on Spring Break right now (only in name cos it’s 19F outside right now, nothing Springy about that), so things are pretty chilled (figuratively and otherwise). I do plan on writing a lot more, as much as school work, and other activities allow me. It’s funny how these days, it’s actually reading that’s kept me from writing. Thanks to Steven Erickson’s amazing series The Malazan Book of the Fallen, I have rediscovered my appetite for reading stuff other than manga. As such, I find practically all of my spare time (as well as some of my “unspare” time) is spent buried in those books. I’m currently in (not “on”, cos I am totally immersed in that world) Book Four: The House of Chains, and I must say, if you’re a true fan, or even a pretentious one, of the fantasy novel genre then those books are a must read. Delicious, I say. Absolutely delicious.

Now, apparently, in case some of you were unaware, the season of Lent began on the 5th of March. I’ve never really considered the symbolism of the Lent season that big a deal, the rationale back then was because I’m not Catholic. As such I’ve never partaken in the fasting that goes with the season. But this year thanks to my spiritual home here in Ann Arbor, Harvest Missions Community Church, that has changed. We have a theme for the Lenten season, and it’s “Be the Link”. Basically we’re each determined to be the link in someone’s life in bringing them to a knowledge of Christ’s sacrifice and ultimately His love for all of mankind and each person individually. Thus, as a personal decision, I’ve decided to not only rediscover what it means to truly have a prayer relationship with God, I’ve also decided to add a Lent themed reading plan from Youversion to the two other daily reading plans I follow. My life hasn’t automatically transformed and become perfect, but I’m determined to keep getting up whenever I stumble. I owe it to God, I owe it to all the people who have contributed to my journey of faith, and ultimately, I owe it to myself. I have also decided to give up on tweeting for the duration of the Lenten season. Which as you may have guessed is one of the reasons I’m writing here now. *looks shamefully at his feet*

Speaking about my writing, I had brunch with a friend on Sunday and she asked why I hadn’t been here for a bit. I found it interesting that it was the week I had decided to begin writing again that she had asked me. I told her most of my musing was done as microblogging on Twitter and that because I was going to be away from there, I would be writing here more often. And then she was like, what was I going to write about? I shrugged and told her, “stuff”. See, I did do some writing in the last few months, but they were to/for my dad. Those letters, especially the ones I wrote in December helped me deal with the maelstrom (and sometimes lack) of emotions I was feeling at the time. And if by sharing them I can help someone who’s going through the same thing or something close, then as a wise Yoruba man once said “if not, why not?” We’ll see how that goes.

Now, in addition to the reading plans, my Life Change Group partner (I’ll tell y’all about that later), Sinsar, and I have decided to go through the entire Bible together. He’s ahead of me, having already finished Genesis, but I don’t mind. Now, I don’t exactly know how to say this, but I think of all the times I’ve gone through portions of the OT, now’s one of the times I need it the most. Maybe it’s because I actually need a few miracles in my life right now. Maybe it’s because I need to reestablish the foundation of my faith in Christ. One thing I do know, I need to go down this path, and I’ve given the reins to the Holy Spirit. I will be bare with my convictions, with my confusion, with my doubts. The Book of Genesis, especially the Creation Story, is one of the parts of the Bible that the Scientist within me struggles with at a very deep level. Don’t get me wrong, I’m firstly a Christian, thus I believe the creation story, but as a scientist I do not believe it literally. I have had SEVERAL discussions especially with some of my closest friends from when I was a kid, on the fusion of the Creationist and Evolutionist schools of thought; a lot of the time such discussions end at an impasse of sosrts. So I guess this is another opportunity for me to go to God on this issue. Whatever things pop into my head and I feel are worth sharing, I will share. As with all things, time will tell.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this “project”, may it bring great things. Thanks for staying with me, and I hope to see y’all soon.