So I’ve been on holiday since the 5th of July, and I’ve gotta say it’s been wonderful. Spent 10 awesome days in Abuja. Met soooo many folks I’ve been wanting to meet. Even found out I had darlings there I didn’t know about :D. Went out, relaxed, worked out, played with dogs who had missed me to bits. *sigh* All in all, I had such an amazing time I actually didn’t want to come back. Okay maybe the thought of someone special waiting for me made me anticipate my trip back…a little.

I really should have written while I was in Abuja, or as soon as I got back, but it would seem like I have once again started down that path of procrastination if I kept pushing, so this is supposed to put me back on the “straight and narrow”.

To be honest, the trip made me realise one thing (as in fully understand it), life in Las Gidi is struggle; pure, unadulterated, intense struggle. And the thing is, if you don’t leave and go elsewhere for rest and relaxation, you won’t know just how bad it is. Amean, I took both danfo and okada on the day I got back to Gidi, because my brother couldn’t bring my car to the airport. Walahi, I haven’t done that since I started driving. Let’s not even talk about the amount of walking I had to do before I eventually got a bike. You couldn’t expect me to take a cab that would charge me an arm and a leg for a distance that wouldn’t cost him up to N300 worth of petrol even with traffic. Besides, I had to put the guy who sat beside me on the plane in a bus to Obalende, on his way to Lekki. Yeah, yeah, yeah , I’m a kind person like that.

Anyways, unto other more serious matters. I’ve got potentially the most important appointment of my life tomorrow morning, and to be honest,  I’m a bit scared. Trust me, I’m not new to interviews. And although this particular kind is a first for me, that isn’t the reason for my nervousness. But, I have found in the past that it’s the moments when I realise that things are beyond my power that I draw on God the most. I have been drawing on Him A LOT since May. He started down this path with me and has been with me so far. As such I know, from evidence and faith, that He’s got my back. Doesn’t mean the fear and doubt aren’t snapping at my heels, especially because of how important this thing is to me. But, I’ve made up my mind to stay in faith and believe that He’ll finish what He has begun. Confessions are helping me, so is belief and reassurance from friends and family.

On a final note, I believe I should say this. While I understand the need for circumspection and giving delicate info out to people on a need-to-know basis,  especially because of the type of society we live in. I also believe that sharing with people close to you to help build up your courage isn’t always a bad idea. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have gotten with this project but for my friends and even a client who had no reason to believe in me. I had to speak up and step out believing that God would take control. He hasn’t disappointed me yet, and I know He won’t. It’s also made me more appreciative of the relationships I have. To be frank, people make the world go round, and I’m grateful to God that He’s blessed me with some totally amazing folks. If y’all are reading this, God bless you, IMMENSELY.

I believe that in the nearest future I shall share with you all here just how amazing the last eighteen months have been for me. Just in case some of you have lost faith in God and His ability to work miracles, I want to say He’s not quit that job yet. Your turn won’t be His first loss either. Stay believing.

Peace out y’all.