So, I had to tear myself away from the mangas I was reading to write this post. Made my mind up yesterday that I would put this up today, then as usual, for most of the day I was in that state of “Who really cares if I write it or not? They don’t send me”, AND then I was rather pissed off tonight by my dad’s reaction to my telling him (not consulting him, simply telling him) that I was going to Abuja for a holiday and that I would be staying at my uncle’s (his cousin) house. I could write several posts on why exactly it is I’m upset, but those are for another day. That’s not why I’m here right now.

Now, as to why exactly I am here tonight. Well, for the past two years, at the end of the year, Efe over at highlandblue usually gets anybody who is interested to write about their year. I’ve been a part of that “series” for two years straight now. This year though, I figure since I’ve begun writing again (feels great to be able to write that), I might as well do some of my own reviewing over here. And who says it has to be at the end of the year. Feel me, yeah?

So, the year 2013. Hmmmmn. It’s been a VERY memorable year so far. So much has happened in the last six months, I don’t even know where I want to begin. I think I’m going to dispense with giving the particular details (gotta leave enough gist for the end of the year post), and just sort of summarise things.

The first half of this year has been one full of divine favour for me. I cannot truly quantify how much God has favoured me and shown me mercy. From how I got my car, to the trip to SA, to the things currently in the pipeline, it’s just been from one awesome breakthrough to another. And standing on the summits of the mountains He’s conquered for me, I can only thank Him and cling tightly to His hand and trust that He’ll take me to that place He’s prepared for me.

On a sad note, this year has seen too many people close to me, or close to people who are close to me depart this plane of existence. From relatives, to friends, to relatives of friends, and close friends of friends; it’s almost been like every month there’s someone on my BBM contact list who’s putting up a black dp, or a flame or one of those pics we use when someone passes. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that everyday millions of people die. I get that. But it doesn’t make it any easier to see my loved ones losing loved ones. In that regard, 2013 has been hard. But hey, we’re alive. So let’s be grateful for that and hope that one day we’ll be reunited with our loved ones in a place that’ll make us ask ourselves why we felt so sad when they passed on and left us here.

Towards the end of this first half, I painfully (not too much, but enough to clear my eyes) came to the realisation that in the matters of the heart, as regards my dealings with the fairer members of our species, I’m not as grown as I would want to believe. I lost out on what could have been a beautiful relationship with someone I felt deeply for and who, as I came to find out, also felt deeply for me. I was foolish, I was hesitant, and so when a batter who was ready stepped up to the plate, while I was still tying and retying my shoe laces…well, let’s just say all I heard was the sound of the home run. I can say one thing though, I’m happy we’re both mature adults. AND I’m happy that I actually cared for her as a friend before the feelings developed. So I can genuinely say I’m happy for her. Plus he’s a great guy, so I can’t even hate. Trust me when I say I have learnt my lesson though. This next one won’t be let off cos this batter was unsure. I’m going to hit that ball out of the ball park men. GARRA!!!

There’s so much to look forward to in this second half. My faith is totally on the line, and I trust that God will not let me down. He hasn’t in the past; even when I had given up. He won’t start now. So here’s to an amazing second half of 2013. In December, may we all be able to look back and say “It did turn out to be a great year.”

Peace out you guys.