Ladies and gentlemen, I am whole again.

Like one who had a limb taken from him and had to get used to life without that appendage, so it has been for me since that fateful afternoon of the 25th of March when my S3 spoilt. Yesterday, the 21st of June 2013, I was reunited with my sweetheart. *William Wallace shout* FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

Most of y’all must think I’m being overly dramatic, but you can’t understand what I went through these past three months. It was a harrowing experience. The initial shock of finding out I had been swindled by those nitwits at Affordables into buying a phone that didn’t have Nigerian warranty even though I had specifically asked if it did. To the various trips to Computer Village and the money I had to pay for parking all the times I went. To the time wasting and utter frustration of being bounced around like a pinball when none of the technicians and “engineers” could find a solution.


Editor’s Note: Please read the next few paragraphs with a Cockney accent, savvy?

But then I came up with a plan, yeah? Hey, if the warranty is in the UK, why not send it over there and get it fixed? Smart idea, innit? So, I send it to my pal in London through a friend studying in Wales, who just happened to be around for a wedding and was heading back. She then sent it to my lad in London. Now how cool is that? That should be the end of the story right?



Took a while for Toyin to even have the time to take it to the Samsung store, because he’s a fancy Architect and he was really busy at the time. Anyway, when he eventually did get to the Samsung store and spoke with a service agent, the bloke told him because the phone wasn’t purchased in the UK, they couldn’t do anything about it. That was the first time.

The next time Toyin went there, after I pleaded with him, they told him he had to pay £50 just for them to check what was wrong with it (twelve tasan five lasan lasan, awon oloriburuku). And then if the repair wasn’t a major one that would be all. Otherwise, I would have to pay extra. Can you believe that?

Now, I knew the problem was a major one; they were going to have to change the bloody panel (at least I got that bit of information in Nigeria). Doesn’t get more major than that. So I told Toyin to forget it. Asked him to post it to my Bim-Boo in Sheffield who happened to be coming home in two weeks time. Mans was bummed out.

Fortunately, on the day Toyin was to post it to Bimbo, he tried and eventually got to speak to another Samsung agent. That agent then checked their system and found out that the phone had indeed originated in the UK and so the warranty was valid. Isn’t that what that nutter should done in the first place? Anyway, they sent him a parcel bag two days later. He posted it to them. They got it, replaced my panel, my front casing, screen, side casing and installed the Jellybean 4.1.2 OS (are you feeling fine my man) Needless to say, my phone was bangin! They then sent the “brand new” phone back to Toyin on Wednesday. I was literally shouting as I was parking at the Mall and I read the good news he’d just told me.

The quest then began for someone who was coming back home soon, because Bimbo had already left. As God would have it, I got wind (from his sister who is in my registration class) that the head boy of the Grange class of 2011, was coming back home that night. Called his mum, got his number. Called him, hooked him up with Toyin. They hooked up, Toyin made the drop off. Bada bing, bada boom…his youngest sister brought my phone to me yesterday morning. *cue music – Pop Something*

It was a glorious moment. Felt like I was reunited with a soul mate; I was ecstatic. All these weeks away from Instagram (web doesn’t count), my games, video skype, taking proper photos…*sigh*. I would have gotten emotional if I wasn’t a real G.

Anyway, that’s the story. I’m a Robot again and it feels awesome. *huge grin*