Hey y’all!

I’m moved to write this post because my status as a Twitter celeb has finally been ratified. I find it rather ironic that it is while I’m on my hiatus that this has happened. A little back story shall we, otherwise we shall not achieve the appropriate temperature readings of a tale of this magnitude.

Exams began at school this Monday, which means that officially school closes at 3:30pm. Which is great, because once you’re not on duty, you can jet outta school once the bell for closing has gone.

Yesterday however, was different. We were going to have a meeting with one of the members of the school’s governing council and the head of HR over some issues that needed clarification. I didn’t expect it to be a long meeting, but you know how these things go. A meeting that was to begin for 3:45pm, started ten minutes late. By the time all the talk and questions and everything else was done, it was past 5pm.

Now, I was in a hurry to leave, because I had extra lessons and I was going to drop a colleague off first before heading to lesson. So, I headed to the gate house to sign out my laptop before leaving the premises, only to be told by one of the guards that a lady had dropped a package for me. You can imagine the look on my face when I asked if she dropped a name and his answer was “she said you’ll know who it is when you open it”

That is ehn...
That is ehn…

I mean, you can’t blame me for being that surprised. The last person that did that sorta thing for me was my ex when she got my Valentine’s day present delivered to school. Anyways, I digress. So, I walked to the car park befuddled as to who it could be. I could feel that it was a t-shirt, but for the life of me I couldn’t fathom who woulda done a thing like that.

I get to the car, settle down and then I open the envelope, and lo n behold it’s a black tee with the Konohagakure, Senju clan and Uchiha clan insignia on it. Attached was a little note that said

“I got my hands on this and thought you’d better appreciate it than anyone else I know.
Hope you do like it 🙂

What can a nigga say to that. If I was inclined to shedding tears for such things, this woulda been me…

Yeah, that's a lone tear, like a real manga nigga. Shii
Yeah, that’s a lone tear, like a real manga nigga. Shii

Seriously though, I can’t even front, I was blown away. Of course I had to get her number and bless her from the bottom of my soul with all the chakra I could muster. Like for real, who else do you know with a glow-in-the-dark Naruto themed tee. It’s an otaku dream mehn. The thoughtfulness and generosity behind such an act still has me all mushy inside. :’)

So, in conclusion, I guess when anybody asks me “What have you even gained from this Twitter sef?” I can point to this shirt and smile.


I guess I’ll be seeing y’all later. Sayonara nuccas.