So for the second time in about a month, I wrote a post last night and the gods of Blogsville decided that my internet subscription would finish before I could put it up. (In Kanu’s voice) But I was determined to put it up, so here we are…







This feels weird.


This feels very weird.


I actually can’t remember the last time I opened up my blog to put a post up. I’ve had to keep reminding myself that I actually own a blog. Some might wonder which spirit entered me to blog today. Well, let’s just say a series of “unfortunate” events this weekend (especially this evening) collectively inspired me to do so. Ordinarily, I woulda gone on Twitter and let off whatever emotions were holed up inside, but I’ve been on a self-induced hiatus from that bit of the web for a short bit. A hiatus that’s going to continue for a little while longer. What that means is, this post is going to be a tad raw and scattered. One of the reasons I didn’t blog regularly in the past was because I believed if I was going to put anything up it had to be properly done. As per, correct paragraphs, structured with grammar at its finest, you know the drill (-_-). I still kinda believe that…ish. But with this post, I’ma make an exception. I simply need to let out all the stuff that’s inside. In essence, what I’m saying is, if you’re reading this, bear with me.

At this juncture, I should mention that I actually typed a post I was supposed to put up like a month ago. Blame the internet gods for not allowing me renew my Swift subscription that night. After the night passed, I figured it was a sign for me to not put the post up…yet. I still might. My feelings of gratitude to the person that post is addressed to haven’t diminished. I guess I should probably mail it to her, and then if she gives me the go ahead, I’ll put it up

So, a lot has happened since my last post here. For example, like the title of this post implies, I’m mobile now (WOOHOO!!!). Started driving in March. It’s funny how anybody who sits with me would find that I talk and act like I’ve been driving for years, meanwhile as recently as the 9th of March I had never driven any vehicle outside the ijapa I used for a few days in driving school in 2010. I know I should be ashamed that at 26+ I didn’t know how to drive, but in my defence, I’ve always believed that I’m very quick on the uptake, especially in stuff that involves coordination of my limbs. So I figured it wouldn’t take me any time at all to become really proficient. Let’s just say I wasn’t fooling myself. I didn’t have a learner’s sign on for a single day. If you drive in Lagos, you’ll agree with me that that’s not an easy feat, especially considering my car’s a stick shift. Excuse the volume of my trumpet. 🙂

While we’re still on the driving matter, allow me say that I have come to realise several new facts. The principal one being that there are a lot more stupid fellow drivers than there are fellow pedestrians. And yeah, in addition to this, the average pedestrian in Lagos is stupid, from a driver’s point of view sha. Let’s just say I’ve become a full disciple of the Way Of Defensive Driving. I will leave my rants on this subject for another day.

Still on vehicular terms, I went to see Furious 6 on Friday and let me just say this, the worst thing you can do to yourself after watching that movie is drive a manual transmission car home. Gosh! I felt like the night time Alhausa traffic was holding me back mehn. Never mind the fact that my 1.3l, 4 cylinder engine can’t even begin to attempt the kinda things they were doing in that movie. Sha sha, it was an awesome movie; dodo and all. After all, it’s the dodo we want to see as far as the Fast And Furious franchise is concerned. I earnestly await the 7th installment.

It was anger and frustration that fueled this particular post. But I’m fine now. Let’s just say Murphy’s Law was trying to show itself in my life this weekend, especially today. But if there’s one thing I picked up from the special programme we had at church this weekend (God bless Rev (Mrs) Funke Ewuosho aka Rev Mum), it’s a reminder that my words carry immense power. So after letting off some steam on the drive home tonight, I got home and started making confessions completely opposite to how I was feeling at the moment; confessions in line with God’s Word. I kid you not when I say I instantly felt better. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the FRSC ‘guys’ at the airport who extorted money from me (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) will get what’s coming to them, but I’ve decided to not let my thoughts dwell on all the possible curses I could have said but chose not to.

There’s a whole lot going on in my life at the moment; professionally, relationship wise, and in a whole lotta other areas. I’m believing that God will sort me out. He’s been showing me that He is God in my life, and I’ve decided to keep on believing that He’ll finish what He’s begun in these areas. I will share as much as I can…I hope.

I’m going to end this post on a sad note, I have been without my companion and friend, my S3, since the Monday before Easter. It’s been hard. My struggleberry went to Blackberry Valhalla on Palm Sunday, my S3 went bonkers the next day. Then my laptop showed me the dreaded blue screen the day after that. I sorted out my laptop immediately. My S3 and BB however were another story. I’ve had to buy a new Blackberry. My S3 on the other hand is in England at the moment awaiting repairs (story for another day). I do hope it gets sorted out soon, so we can once again be reunited. I’m short on cash slow to anger, otherwise I for vex buy the S4.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been great doing this. I kinda feel like doing it more often. Let’s see how it goes sha.

Till next time, sayonara.