So I’m lying on my bed, chewing raw ginger, daring my body to not accept that added immune system booster to rally around the troops and chase out this cold I’ve been duelling with since Tuesday.

It’s almost 12am here (of course this post is gonna go up past 12am, but I just needed to add that bit cos it felt cool n it’s increasing my swag points. nahmsayin?) and tomorrow (October 5th) is the World Teacher’s Day. It’s a kinda auspicious date for me to make my return to Blogsville innit? Cos I’m a teacher n shii. Feel me yeah? Well, all I have to say is…to those who thought my blog had died and gone down the same road Jim Iyke’s and Omotola’s singing careers have taken residence on, (side eye at the Toxic Farjean aka Oko Suliat Banderas) well, *Daddy Showkey Voice* Shame to bad pipu. Shame to bad pipu.

IT’S ALIVE!!!!!! THE BLOG IS ALIVE!!!!! THE MUSINGS ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew! *Wipes sweat*

I’m not even going to front. It feels awesome to be typing a new post on my laptop again. Please ignore the “posted by WordPress for Android”, that’s just my way of letting y’all know I’m now officially a smartphone coo keed n shii, shout out to Obi Somto and Gbubemi Fregene for mentoring and inspiring me *sniffs, wipes a lone G tear n waves with his SIII at them* (Hehehehehe…beeshes!!!!!)

ANYWAYS, a lot of stuff has happened and is currently going on in my life. For those of you that don’t know, please I’m now on Instagram, Viber, n Whatsapp, please check me out in ya free time and we can hang out n tinz, nahmsayin? Aha! Daezzit yo!

But seriously, there’s been a lot going on in my life. The combination of teaching at school and after school, admin type duties at school (Lord knows how many minutes of meetings I’ve had to write in the 5 weeks that school’s been fully open), and the free online course(s) I’m doing courtesy let’s just say “my cup runneth over”. I even got my first ever query last week; although, I dealt with it like a magazine interview, cos I’m a bawse n shii, nahmsayin? Really though, I can’t complain, because in spite of how much of a wayward son I’ve been for a VERY LONG time God has still been EXTREMELY faithful to me (even if it’s just the fact that I haven’t had an okada accident gan sef, that alone is enough to do a yearlong thanksgiving, cos MEEEEHHHHN I dey bike).

To not keep y’all here any longer, I know y’all have busy schedules n shii. To mark the WTD which I mentioned above, I will be starting a series (Yeah neegahs, eez not only TNC, TSC, 19th Street, AFROSAYS n all those other big boys of blogsville that can do series. Yeah!), relating to my journey so far as a teacher. It’s aptly titled The Mallam Chronicles. Hopefully, the first post should go up sometime today. I still don’t know the exact form it will take, but I definitely know that it will be real and heartfelt and all that other ish that makes people (especially the ladies) go all moist (*looks around for the Team Ghen Ghen imbehs*) n shed tears n shii, nahmsayin?

Anyhow sha, I’m saying that I will put down my Diamond Level Procrastinators Unite card and my newly acquired upgrade, Asteroid Exclusive Club Laziboi Card, and give this project my best shot. I don’t know how long it’s gonna run for, and I’m also not sure about the frequency. Hopefully, it won’t be less than one post a week. I will gather all the necessary chakra to make that happen.

Before I leave, I would like to say this with all sense of seriousness. It is a very humbling event when people tweet at me or a couple of my students walk up to me and say stuff like “I’ve read your blog. I really like it”. Or when I get emails telling me new people have subscribed, even though I haven’t written in MONTHS. I opened this blog just to muse and say some of the totally random stuff from the myriad voices in my head that bounces around in there. And the fact that it’s been a blessing to other people is an Über plus mehn. So all I’m trying to say with all that verbosity is…THANK YOU. For sticking with musingsofagidimallam; for not giving up on me (my writing); for pushing me (indirectly and directly); God bless y’all IMMENSELY.

N so in case u didn’t hunnersten h’all that grammar n tinz, lemme break it down for u