Hey y’all. So this is the first time I’m coming here this year. You noticed I didn’t bother with cobwebs n cleaning n all those other things lazy peeps like me do on their blogs, well it’s cos I’m a bawse. Spiders don’t mess with me, n pristine is my default configuration. Yeah, nippy narrative right. *sips some shilled fresh palmwine* Oh n yeah, I’m currently in Sapele, so I’m taking a break from Zobo for a bit.
Anyways, there were so many times I really wanted to put posts up this year: Subsidy Tales, Obama’s speech, Valentine…just didn’t happen. I might still write about them sha, I’m certainly gonna write more than I did last year.
So, on to the reason why we’re here. Although it wasn’t planned, my first post this year is also the first time I’ll feature something I didn’t write, it’s from a friend Bukola, @buki_ogelay, n it’s a tribute to Deji, a late friend of hers. I tried to restrain myself as much as possible from being myself, I guess I did a good job. Please enjoy. Toodles.

I had been on the phone with my boyfriend for some minutes and just before I hung up,
“By the way ‘U.A’ there’s this fine boy sitting behind me” I said. “Sha don’t try anything funny with this ‘fine boy’. You haven’t even gotten to Ghana, you’re already seeing a fine boy” U.A said. I laughed and as we ended the conversation, I turned to look at the boy who wasn’t even paying attention to me; he was too busy trying to settle in for the long trip to Ghana.
Immediately we arrived in Ghana, I checked into the hotel with three of my friends. Not too long after, the organisers came to our room and told us they had made arrangements for us to go clubbing that night. My friends weren’t too excited about it, so they opted out. But trust me (the Delta blood in me didn’t let me rest) I was all excited about it, and thank God I went because I finally got to meet the “fine boy” again (his name turned out to be Deji). From the first look we shared I knew we were going to be friends for a very very long time. We danced all through the night till dawn and I could tell we liked each other.I introduced him to my friends the next day, coincidentally his room was just beside ours. Throughout our stay in Ghana we were always together, even my friends suggested that I should tell him to back off, that if U.A should catch him he would be in soup. Truth is I wasn’t going to cheat on U.A, Deji was 3 years younger than I was and he was in his second year, while I was in my final. But I couldn’t deny that I liked him. Yes, I really liked him, very much sef (Mallam’s note: Gheun).
I remember the morning we left Ghana, Deji was so drunk we almost forgot him there. I had to quickly run to his room to drag him into the bus and sat him down beside me. I allowed him rest on my bosom and he just felt like a child (Mallam’s note: Japanese yimu. If I hear sey bros no sober sharply). Anyways, back in Lagos, we still continued seeing each other. He would come to my hostel almost every night and we would just chill and gist. I remember one night at the cafeteria, there was no light in school and we were just sitting there in the dark. Next thing Deji tried to kiss me. For some strange reason I still don’t know why, my lips didn’t part. I was just staring at him like a zombie. I remember the look on his face like “I thought this was what you always wanted” (Mallam’s note: Now THIS is an awkward moment). But right then I didn’t know what I wanted. One part of me wanted to kiss him lustfully; the other part just knew it wasn’t right because it would never lead us anywhere. After that day our friendship hit the rocks, and my relationship with U.A eventually ended as well. I always thought it had to do with my involvement with him. To make matters worse U.A never explained why we broke up (well not until 2010). I just wanted to forget all about him, so I didn’t keep in touch with him again because I didn’t want to lead him on or deceive myself either.
February 1, 2011 – I logged onto facebook. That day was your birthday. I felt I should probably just say something thoughtful to you, but after giving it a second thought I figured I shouldn’t because I didn’t want to start something and lead you on again. So instead, I logged off.
February 19, 2011 3:30pm – I get an IM from my friend “Oge, have you heard that Deji was shot yesterday at a bar and he’s dead?” It didn’t really sink into my head until I got to your house the next day. That was when I knew you were really gone. I couldn’t hold myself, I simply burst into tears. Who would have thought that just less than 4 years after we met, you would leave me like this. If I had known you were going to be dead 17 days after your birthday I would have called you and told you how wonderful you were and how I always blessed God for bringing you my way. But I didn’t get to say all that, didn’t even tell you “Happy Birthday”. I guess I’ll have to live with that guilt for the rest of my life. One thing I’ve learnt from your death is to “keep my loved ones close, because they won’t live twice.”
This post is dedicated to the loving memory of my friend, my brother, my “fine boy”…Ayodeji Babatunde Sonoiki (February 1, 1989 – February 18 2011)
“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have and decisions we waited too long to make.” The Notebook

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