So, Nocturnal here, and as the chairman of The Board I would like to apologise for not posting anything here for over four months (omo mehn, I dey shame o, gaskiya. FOUR MONTHS). I really don’t have any excuse, and I take full responsibility for the inactivity. I can’t say for certain that things will get better next year. I hope they will, or these dudes are gonna impeach me. *looks behind him and sees whale faces from most of them. La’Scorpion on the other hand is holding a broken bottle*

Now that that’s done with, we can move on. Now in the spirit of the times, The Boss would also like to say something to kinda sign-off on 2011 and usher in 2012. Seeing as we can’t carry last *he receives a tap on the shoulder from above him*

“Brother, will I come down now?”

Anyway sha, The Boss already said a lot of what we had to say about 2011 on 19th Street. You wanna check it out go here But I still feel that it’s only proper I sign off formally here on behalf of The Board. So now I hand over to The Boss, to give you his nippy narrative (I dare you to get that)
2011 has been an awesome year for me. Like I ain’t even gonna front mehn. I may not have achieved anything approaching “Epic” on the event scale. But like a human body, where the whole is way more awesome than the sum of the parts, when viewed as a unit, my year truly has been awesome.

The mere fact that y’all are reading this right now, on MY blog is a testament to that fact. For a long time I flirted with the idea of blogging, but the procrastinator in me just never allowed me be great (he still hasn’t allowed me be great, but I dey try small now sha). This avenue for the voices in my head to gain expression with an audience whose size amazes even me has been a blessing to me this year. I mean The Board has always expressed itself (if you’ve met me you’d know what I mean), but to be able to talk and people who have no idea who I am or what I look like are blessed and commend you for said blessing is a wonderful feeling. So, to all the people who have taken the time to come to this little corner of Blogsville to spend time with the fellas *turns and smiles at The Musings*, and to my blog family (can’t forget you whores even if I wanted to 😀 ) for pushing me beyond my comfort zone (I know I’m still a lazy ass, but thanks for loving me all the same) I say nagode sosei. Y’all are awesome mehn.

This year has been the year for Twitter. I don’t think my year would have been what it was but for this wonderful social network site. As in, from the relationships, to the knowledge, to the comedy, to the downright idiocy, to the wisdom, to the cruise, twitter was everything I needed and then some this year. I met some of the most amazing set of people you could ever meet cos of twitter. I hooked up with “the keeper of my heart” via twitter. I got some of the best entertainment I could want on twitter. Twitter, for the most part, was my social life in 2011 (If I hear the words “pathetic” or “loser” ehn…*sharpens his katana*), and it didn’t disappoint, in fact I think it did too well. God knows how many times I shoulda been working or studying and I was tweeting (most recently being like 2 minutes ago). But really tho, to all the tweeps I followed this year, to all the ones who followed back, to all the ones I tweeted at, to all the ones I met physically, I say thank you. It’s been a real pleasure.

My job’s been another source of learning and joy this year. I try to use all my low points as learning points, and believe me, there have been quite a few on the job this year. Nothing feels worse than teaching a child (especially one you do private lessons with) and then the child goes on to perform woefully. There were times this year that I considered calling it quits with lessons mehn. Times I felt like I was a failure and a fraud cos my kids weren’t getting the results I wanted and yet I was getting paid. Thank God for mentors on the job, for friends and for family. They helped me reinforce my belief in me, and confirm the fact that these things happen, not necessarily cos I’m inept or not knowledgeable (which I’m not), but cos success is as much the students work (more in my own opinion) as it is mine. I believe I’m a good teacher, I strive towards being a great teacher, and I know that with every day I give my all, at least one of those kids appreciates me and what I’m trying to do in his/her life, and THAT is what makes me wake up every morning and go to work. Here’s to teachers *pops a bottle of Zobo Imperial Ultimate*

A particular work related incident that will stay with me for a VERY long time is however not related to teaching. Because of my age and my personality (I’m a bawse), I’m kinda like an “older brother-ish” mentor (it’s an unofficial somtin o…ehen) to a lot of the senior students. Ironically, I don’t actually teach them. I’m into a lot of co-curricular activities, and so most of these students are on the sports teams. Now, this isn’t an ad, but Grange has some of the most phenomenal sportsmen I have ever met. These kids are just amazing. Anyways, the moment of the year was motivating a 15 year old named Fiyin Ekeng, to set a school high jump record of 1.85m. That feeling of seeing someone achieve something that you knew they could but probably everybody else, including him, didn’t is just EPIC. To any of the Grange kids who read this, believe in the greatness that God has put in you and go for it mehn. He’ll sort the rest out.

The lowest point of my year would be losing two of the family pets. At two different times I lost a kitten and a puppy, and both of them were due to neglect. I felt horrible because I knew if I had been a little more attentive to their needs they wouldn’t have died. Hindsight is 20/20, so I guess I have learnt from both incidents. To Mini, and Shaka, I miss you both. I will never forget your unconditional and unending love. *hardens his eyes, cos Ronin should never be seen crying*

Finally, cos this has become a terribly long thing (I’m making up for all the posts I never put up…hehehehe), 2011 was the year I truly found out what it means to fall in love. Y’all might wanna initiate your Anti Mush Protocols (AMP) now. I have “tripped” in love before, several times. The one time I did fall hard it died before it even started. But this time, I let go, and she let go too, and we caught each other while we were both falling (una dey feel my yarns abi…hehehehe…korret). I waited 25 years to get a girlfriend, and she has made every single moment of that wait worth it. We’ve been together for a short time, but Lord knows that if the theory of relativity ever applied to anything, our relationship is it. There have been arguments and frustration and anger, but all these pale in comparison to the awesome moments we’ve shared. And I can say one thing without any fear or equivocation, even if I don’t end up marrying this awesome woman, her place in the mansion that is my heart cannot be touched. (activate your AMP right now) To M.O.D, I love you with all my heart. And regardless of what may happen in the future know that the mark you’ve made on the personality that is Oluwafemi Sawyerr is an indelible one. Making the choice to love you was the best the decision of my year, without a doubt. Hearing you say yes to me was the highest point of my year, without a doubt. Having you love me has been the most awesome thing for me this year, without a doubt. To love *pops a bottle of Zobo Imperial Climax*

I look forward to 2012, because of all the things that have happened in 2011. I face my uncertainty and doubts with the knowledge that “whose I am, and whom I serve” is One who none can even begin to compare to. I release myself into the Hands of the One who created the Universe by His words. The One who was before time and who will be after time. He is my Father, my Lord, my Companion; He is my God. I leave 2011, my year of relationships, with joy and launch into 2012, my year of discovery with enthusiasm and passion. Let the adventure begin!

I wish y’all a Happy New Year, and pray that God will grant you the grace to achieve all that you desire according to His will for your lives in the New Year, in Jesus’ Name. *bows low like a Japanese bawse and then teleports into the New Year*

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