So I haven’t written any form of poetry in a really long time and after yesterday’s event I made my mind I was gonna change that. Anyways, without further ado, here’s the post. I might add that it was written with a “performance” in mind.
Please feel free to praise and/or criticise via the comment box. Mucho gracias

I want to write.

I want to write cos I went for Chill And Relax,
Heard many truths that went beyond facts,
That my pen is a weapon, kinda like Sango’s axe,
So I accept this challenge, though I know it aint an easy task.

I want to write a song,
A song with words not too strong,
A short song, not one that’s too long,
One that till eternity passes will be sung.

I want to write about men of old,
Tell tales that have never ever been told
Of strength, of courage, of men that were bold,
Whose memories stay warm though their bones are now cold.

I want to write a love story,
Not horror or thrillers or anything gory,
Not one that makes you wanna leave it in a hurry,
A tale of joy and passion, yeah that kind of story.

I want to write about life,
Of struggle, of pain, of sorrow, of strife,
A story that cuts your heart deeper than a knife,
That clings to your soul like a husband to his wife.

I want to write of fate,
A fate to which we all can relate,
A fate some love, but a lot more hate,
Of death, for all men that’s the only sure fate.

I want to write about eternity,
Of the reward it is for a life of purity,
One of faith, hope and a lot of humility,
Not one lived with disregard or impunity.

I want to write cos some said I can’t,
“Femi can’t write, abeg he’s a pant.”
“A grasshopper pretending to be an elephant.”
“Thinks he’s an adult, when he’s merely an infant.”

But I’ve shown them haven’t I, for I have written,
Not yet a lion’s roar, more like the purr of a kitten,
I’m still standing, no shaking, I can’t be beaten,
There’s still more to come, for a lot will still be written.

I want to write.

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