Hey everybody (yes I always use this greeting…no I can’t be bothered to change it. If you don’t like it, you can go and paint the divider on Ikorodu Road or do whatever it is disgruntled people do).

So, I know I said I was gonna drop posts more frequently and all, but mehn e no easy o (cue in P-Square). As in. With all the bloggers I know doing the 30 Day Challenge, plus series upon series, plus Reality Show sef (Blogsville don pass DSTV o, don’t dull), omo e reach one time wey I no even dey read blogs again sef…hian…una wan wound person, I’m on holiday u know (yes I just had to mention it again so you can go green with envy again. Don’t worry though, work resumes on the 25th. Yes u n maltina care.)

But seriously tho, quite a few ideas have been floating in my head, sadly they never really landed. There have also been so many things I did in the past 3 weeks that I could (and probably should) have blogged about, e.g my 2 failed birthday paroles, my first time ever out clubbing, the Thompson-Delano wedding, my birthday “come chop”, my movie reviews for Harry Potter, Transformers 3 and Captain America. I mean, I probably will post something on at least one of those at a later time, but since the ideas hadn’t quite cooked properly (dey never done well well), and rather than posting for the sake of posting, I decided to just keep reading the great stuff some of my peeps have been churning out (Shout out to all my TeamSawaleh fam…una get mouth pieces), and just bide my time till my muse returned and gave me my mojo back.

Anyways, yesterday, thanks to my twitter darling @Georgeenah, I went for a spoken word and poetry event called Chill And Relax, and boy did I chill and relax. I was blown away by the sheer talent that was on display. I’ve always loved poetry and spoken word. In fact, I love anything that has to do with art in any of its forms (creative, performing, visual, martial…art sha…u gerrit abi? u don’t? Are u from Norway? Oslo maybe? *sigh* Nevermind)

I will not attempt to make this post like my standard review posts, cos if I try am ehn, you will all be on a long ting (cue in DBanj). Just too many things to talk about (cue in 2Face). Besides typing with my phone isn’t as delicious as using a standard keyboard, so no I am not doing (*looks around for those whispering “did we send you message”*). I also can’t put up any pics cos I’m not impressed with the pics I took *sigh* e dey pain me o (cue in Faze). If I can get my brother to photoshop them for me then maybe, if not, forgerrit. What I will do though, is tell you to forget about anything else you’re doing on the 2nd Sunday of every month and try and make it for this event (yes I just gave you an order…no I am not being paid for this…ehen).

All the performances were on point mehn. As in, no be lie. Hian. From the poetry (omo some people deep pass the Mariana Trench mehn…no jokes), to the music (Etcetera is a lot better live than I thought he would be, besides I’m a sucker for guitarists), to the hosts (Eduvie is adorable,n Tosyn Bucknor is just…special. Oh n yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOSYN!!!!! Yes I am famzing…no it isn’t ur bizness…so parkwell).

All in all, I had a fabulous time (Intellectual stimulation toh kwaliti mehn). And the best thing for me is I’ve been “gingered” to actually take up my pen and start writing again. Needless to say, an old member of The Board has returned, and my next post (in a few hours) is his baby. Everybody, say hello to Femo Lala.

*Nocturnal, Mallam, The Shadow, and Halo Head applaud. La’Scorpion and Suya roll their eyes. As usual, Femi and Sawyerr are late.*

Thanks for stopping by, please drop a comment in the box below. Catschya lerra. Toodles.