Hey peeps. Wazzaaaap! So I’ve been away for a while (yeah, like that’s a new thing) but it isn’t like I’ve been outta Blogsville completely; with all my blogging egbons dropping stuff practically every day that isn’t even possible. Anyways, unto today’s post then.

Let me first clarify things a bit. I’m not fat. Saying I’m fat near a fat person would be tantamount to a sub. Let’s just say I’m a slightly fleshy athletic person. And just so you know, I’m actually well informed on matters of fitness, exercise and body building. I’d rather not blow my trumpet, so I’ll leave it there (if you yimu and I catch you ehn).

I’ve always had a large appetite (as in…I dey chop…gan), but throughout primary and most of secondary school, due to my high metabolism, I was relatively small for my age. When I got into UNILAG, thanks to the stress of being in the Physics Department (omo mehn…dat zones na die), whenever school was in session, I didn’t have to worry about weight gain. And I also knew that any weight added during the holidays would be lost when school resumed. So, during my stay in LAG, my weight wasn’t really an issue.

Service year was even worse than in Uni (believe o). How was I gonna gain any weight surviving on almost 15k a month (allowee N9775, salary N5000). It was even by God’s grace gan that I didn’t lose any more than I did. Then came the end of service year, and I eventually returned home after spending an extra 3 months (story for another day). I used the period before I got a job to get back to my standard weight (at the time) of between 74 n 76kg. And then I started working in Grange. (*sigh*) For those of us working, I don’t need to go into details. You know how it is now. It’s even worse for me because I live and work in Ikeja. So steadily the weight began to creep. You see, over the years, as I grew older, my metabolism reduced and my appetite didn’t (omo I still dey chop) and ultimately as the avenues for exercise slowly decreased, my Sawyerr heritage began to emerge very strongly (I’ll get to that in a bit). I currently shuttle between 80 and 85kg (depending on whether I’ve eaten or not)

Now, don’t get me wrong here. What I weigh isn’t the problem. In fact my current weight range has been my goal since my height plateaued at what it is now (6ft). But the plan was that majority of that bulk would be muscle mass, not fat. Unfortunately, by not consistently doing anything about it, (I worked out from time to time during breaks, but never regimented enough) I gave my body the liberty to do what it wanted.

I mentioned my heritage before right. Yeah, well that’s the genesis of my “problem”. You see my elder brother got his height and build from our mum; as a result weight has never been (and probably will never be) his problem. Imagine someone who has to do a dedicated work out just to put on weight; you get the idea abi (the lucky devil). Add to this the fact that even though he hasn’t really worked out in years, he still has his washboard abs and “breasty” pectorals. And then put such a person beside me. Now like I said earlier, I have an athletic build. While I’m the tallest in my house, I got my size from my father (thank God I didn’t get his height too, e for don bloody gan o; short, black and tubby, Allah kiyaye!). As a result, I gain weight in the worst possible places for a guy (I’m not saying where; if you can’t use your imagination, well sorry). So because of my height and all the gyming I did over the years, a lot of the fat is masked. But still, masked or not, it’s there. And at home and everywhere I go now I hear it all the time. “Femi you’re getting fat!”

So, what am I gonna do about it. Well first off I’m on a diet; not a full scale “I’m not eating food for the next 6 months diet o” (when I no dey craze). But I’m determined to eat only one main meal a day at least 5 times a week, during term time (with only 1 snack period to augment this). And then during the holidays, I will add to that a full exercise regime, at least 4 days a week. This combo is necessary because I know either of the two alone won’t help me lose weight. Also, and most importantly, because I understand that I’m responsible for how the weight got there in the first place, and it’s up to me to remove it. I know it won’t be easy. But every day I look in the mirror, and see my 6 pack playing peek-a-boo and laughing at me, while being surrounded by a sea of flesh, is motivation for me to not give up. It may not happen in the next 3 months, but I’ll work at it. So at least, by the next Euphoria Worship Concert, my friends’ comments would be a lot different from what I got this weekend.

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Well, that’s my two cents. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to use the comment box to express your opinions and share your own similar stories. Arigato gozaimasu.