Hey everybody. Guess y’all are ready for the “Rapture”. Well I didn’t want to be left behind (pun intended) in all the blogging about it. So here’s my own take on it. Big shout out to my elder brother @sosawyerr for his help on this. I hope y’all enjoy it. Domo arigato. Sayonara.

Location: On board the Hermes, in Geosynchronous Orbit of Earth, Sol’s third Satellite.

Time: 1100Hrs GMT

The lieutenant climbed the final flight of stairs and stood on the bridge of the command ship. He could see the Commander seated behind his console monitoring all the different activities. From the events on Earth, to the positions of the other ships in the armada, nothing escaped his attention. The tension was palpable indeed. This was the moment they had been awaiting for the past 80 revolutions. They were finally returning.

He waited patiently until he was summoned by the beep on his wrist-com. The commander was ready to see him now. He walked cautiously but swiftly to the command platform and saluted sharply.

@Ecklu-duda: Lieutenant Ecklu-duda reporting, Commander Ritzva, sir.

@Ritzva: At ease, soldier, I can see you’re tense.

@Ecklu-duda: Well you see sir, this is a great moment for me.

@Ritzva: As it is for every one of our people. From the time Alpha Team touched down, through all the subsequent teams that came, so much work has been put into this effort. And it all comes down to this moment. But don’t worry everything is going according to plan. You may proceed with your report.

@Ecklu-duda: Well sir, the Alpha Protocol set into motion all those revs ago is in the termination stage sir. The effects are what you see on monitor two sir.

Location: Yaba Rail-line Market, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa

Time: 1110Hrs

“Buy ya white shirt! Buy ya white trausa! Buy ya white shoe! Everything White o!!!!! World dey end o!!! World End Bonanza!!!! Everything must go!!!!

“Aunty you wan do your hair? Mo ma se design to ma fine gan o. World End design. Ohun ni latest o. Aunty ema bo!”

In other parts of the world, signs showed






Location: On board the Hermes

Time: 1130Hrs

@Ritzva: It would seem that our Tuwitre campaign has been more effective than was initially projected.

@Ecklu-duda: Indeed sir. After the initial setback when that human obtained a part of our Soe Shial Net Wak technology, not enough humans were available to transmit the data to initialize the final stage of the Alpha Protocol.

@Ritzva: Right, they were too busy poking each other. Only a handful of them had the ability to converse in our language. But this was limited to blogs. And then, when the Tuwitre campaign was launched, things changed.

@Ecklu-duda:  All we had to do was download information direct to them and they would spread it for us without even knowing it. Although because of Helmz, the ship jester, there were some minor complications.

Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA, Earth

Date: October 15, 2008

A wizened old man talks to a crowd of people.

“The Rapture’s coming I tell you; on the 21st of May, in the year 2011. The Lord’s gonna come and take his people. And then on the 21st of October, in that same year, the world’s gonna end. Turn from your ways now…”

Location: Benin City, Edo, Nigeria, Earth.

Date: May 14th, 2011

On a computer screen…

EOW 101

“…although we’ve come to the end of the world, still I can’t let you go, its so natural, u belong to me, I bel…”

CRAP!!! Wrong song *insert any Enya song* maintain slow tempo *

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are watching this video now, then it is exactly 7 days (one week) to the end of the world. I have been away in solitary confinement in a place far far away (somewhere close to Abbottabad) to prepare myself for this great event. I have had to ensure that my body, soul and mind are devoid of any corruption hence you would have noticed my absence from Twitter over some days…yes, I had to spiritually purge and prepare myself. In my time away also, I have connected with ‘highly’ placed spiritual bodies that have given me first hand Insight into how to make sure you are not left behind as we approach the end of the world *inflates eyeballs.*coughs* I am here to share these with you…

Location: Onboard the Hermes

Time: 1159Hrs

@Ritzva: Well in spite of the seeming psychosis of the messages and its carriers, they still believed.

@Ecklu-duda: The resulting data traffic has enabled us to meet our projections.

@Ritzva: Indeed it has. Are we ready to initiate the final sequence

@Ecklu-duda: Yes commander.

@Ritzva: Initiate launch sequence.

@Ecklu-duda: Sequence initiated.












To be continued…