Hey everybody, hope we all had wonderful Easter holidays and we’re well rested. And for those of us who have jobs, I hope we’re ready to resume work with renewed vigour (oh stop whining…you can’t have holidays the entire year).
I had a wonderful Easter holiday. The best Easter holiday ever, and the best holiday I’ve had in a really long time. Firstly, on Sunday I went with my brother to see FELA! the Broadway musical here in Lagos (once again God shall forever bless @olatox n @ujithe3rd). All I can say is I was completely blown away. And although I’m not one who really goes to shows and concerts, I must say that this is the best by far that I’ve ever been to. 2 hours 40 minutes of sheer joy. For me to even attempt to put my experience into words would be a great injustice to that show. I’ll leave that to the better wordsmiths out there (a certain young female engineer readily comes to mind). Maybe after they are done I can now talk. Hehehehe.
The next day I saw 3 Idiots; if I thought the FELA! performance blew me away, this film left me speechless. No film had ever done what this film did to me in its 2 hours 44 minutes duration. Its depth on so many levels just left me unable to gather my thoughts when it eventually ended. Very few movies have been able to rekindle the flame that burns deep in my heart. But none have ever done it the way this one did. This movie immediately shot to the top of my favourite movies list as my favourite of all time, and believe me this is no mean feat.
After such a movie I thought it would be over, I had already started writing a blog post on it. Little did I know that the final blow was still to come, and that my all-time favourite list was going to change once more. Last night I watched My Name Is Khan. Before I watched this film only 2 other films had made me cry…“Gladiator”, and “Hachiko: A Dog Story”. Ironically, of the 3 of them this film brought the least amount of tears to my eyes, but it is the one that has moved me the deepest. Initally it filled my heart with so much heaviness for humanity that I felt sad and ashamed of myself. But by the end, it also filled me with courage and hope for our world.
Last year I remember visiting a friend of mine on Christmas Day and we got talking about our movies of the year and even of the decade. He told me that Inception would have been his movie of the year, but it had been unseated by 2 other movies, from a most unlikely source…India. Having collected both movies from him and seen them, I can boldly say that they are now tied as my best movies of all time, without a doubt. The lessons I have drawn from both movies shall be the subject of my posts for a while. I will try my best not to be boring, but you can be sure of one thing, all that I will write will come from the core of my being. It is my hope that it will light a fire in you all as well. See y’all later peeps.